In 2011 (at highschool times), I became interested in information security as a hobby. Then I started to develop software and work with embedded systems. During my university years, I took part as volunteered in many projects. During this years, as a member of a freelance development team, we developed web applications for companies that they are still actively using. Since last year, I’m working as volunteer Fullstack Developer in ERP software project of a foundation.
I am a responsible person who likes to work interdisciplinary, work with different technologies and do complex tasks.

Full-Stack ?
There are concerns about Full Stack. You can read it from this link.
Many of these concerns are justified, but only apply to people who are not really Full Stack.
There are serious advantages to being a Full Stack. You can watch some of them from this link.
As a result, if you are a Full Stack developer you can work interdisciplinary and you will never miss the Big Picture.






Only technical projects listed. Some projects are storing in private repositories.(Contact me for access)

Foreign Languages